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About Us

CCTV DEALER KOLKATA Security Service is a renowned name among the fraternity of home security solutions across the country. Based from the city of joy Kolkata the company offers excellent surveillance products like CCTV and other devices like fire alarms burglary alarm etc. We are here in the industry for the past twenty years that is almost for a decade and thus being rated as one of the CCTV dealers in Kolkata.

We are a premier system integration company providing design, engineering, installation along with repairs and maintenance solution geared especially for the safety of life, security solution requirements of both home and commercial clients. We provide CCTV installation service and other security solution for all the small and bigger organizations and among home clients, we provide installation of CCTV installation in apartments and as well as on self-owned residence.

With the growing rate of crimes, it has been the need of the hour for installing CCTVs in all commercial as well as on residential complexes for ensuring enhanced security and surveillance. Kolkata police to have issued a recent notice to all the apartment complex, hotels, corporate offices and all other public places to install CCTVs for routine monitoring of the people coming and going in order to ensure proper security. Therefore, here comes the XYZ Security Service a leading provider of electronic security system in Kolkata.

We have a full fledge team of professionally trained technicians who can provide you the best possible service through the installation of CCTVs to repairs and maintenance. The success stories of our company is itself a proven fact that how the CCTV market in India is fast evolving. Well with our successful product groups, we are having a strong client base in Kolkata as well as in the rest of Bengal offering them the best CCTV services in Kolkata.

Today our company has won the heart of lakhs of people across Bengal along with in entire Kolkata and we are very confident that in the rest of India we will able to make a mark though the competition is huge in this field. Our CCTV cameras come with all latest and up-to-date technologies and focus on quality and product durability. Among CCTV we offer IP cameras, Dome cameras, bullet CCTV cameras, wireless CCTV s to name a few. Our IP CCTVs can be operated from any PC, laptop and even from your smartphones like iPhone, Android phones etc.

With just a simple configuration, you can operate your CCT V from any parts of the globe at any points of time. Suppose you need to go for an office tour for conducting any urgent meeting with a client then wherever you go if you carry your mobile or laptop you can check your CCTV status from any parts of the globe. In this way, you remain updated about every movement in your office. It is for this reason our IP cameras are having good demand among all our corporate clients and are making good sells in recent times in the market. With high definition cameras with low light visibility options, our CCTV can work well during extreme darkness also ensuring you the total security solution for your home and office.

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